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Cloud Pro Hosting Reviews The widespread implementation of IT infrastructural setup is an indispensable core structure of every commercial organization nowadays. Considering the connectivity and storage issues in modern day industrial practices, it is quite important to develop protected system storage with backup support. The cloud technology is the most trusted and beneficial means of organizing IT infrastructural for enterprises, websites for home based businesses, eCommerce platforms and much more.

Today there are several organizations that offer cloud hosting and file transfer protocol (FTP) services, creating confusion in selecting the best services and provisions. The Cloud Pro Hosting is a premier hosting service provider that has emerged with lots of features and facilities. The extensive Cloud Pro Hosting review herein will provide a detailed synopsis of the series of services offered by the company and the benefits you can achieve in the long run.

Cloud Pro Hosting Review Should Buy It? The Truth!

The hosting and cloud based services offered by the Cloud Pro Hosting (CPH) implement Linux based server setup to control the operations. The Linux OS offers more flexibility in terms of features, high end security and data encryption issues, compatibility different types of hardware set up (no matter the client is using an old version processor) and other facilities.


Cloud Pro Hosting Review

Facilities Personal Cloud Professional Cloud Business Cloud Dedicated Cloud
Disk Space 1 GB 5 GB 10 GB 25 GB
Bandwidth 10 GB 50 GB 100 GB 250 GB
Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Private Server
Emails Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 2.4GHz CPU with 1GB RAM Support

Cloud Pro Hosting

Features of Web Hosting at CPH

Content Management System: The CPH offers excellent content management system to enable the clients to edit the contents on the website. The content management support is directed to help the clients to manage the content updates periodically as per the convenience. The entire system has been designed to ease out these operations for even those who do not have enough technical or program based knowledge.


Control Panel: The control panel feature is allotted to all the subscribers free of cost. The control panel allows the users to edit the website contents, install or uninstall plugins or other software programs, receive system updates and much more. Customers can set and access their own password for the site, use the Opt in Box for receiving subscription requests through the website and much more.

SEO Packages: The CPH offers three different SEO packages for newly established sites to raise their visibility on the search engines and social networking sites. Major facilities provided include:

  • Article directory submissions
  • Social bookmarking
  • Backlinks- Angela style
  • RSS feeds
  • Edu Gov backlinks
  • Forum profile generation
  • Press Release Approvals

FTP Connectivity: The CPH has installed the FTP features to all its servers that allow the users to instantly log into their website from their computers and control the operations. CPH provides FileZilla FTP client to its users to perform actions such as downloading and uploading files and contents from the web sources. The detailed instructions on using the FTP client are provided in the FAQ section of the CPH website.  

Website Customization: The CPH allows enough room for its clients to impose customization to their sites except for the PHP settings. The Fantastico feature icon is provided for all pHpBB, Joomla and WordPress web applications that can be installed with a one click option. The clients are free to choose the look and feel for their site depending upon the business operations on the site. There is a range of open source tools and applications that can be implemented on the site to ease out the day to day site activities.

Technical Support: The CPH authorities provide continuous server monitoring on the 24x7x365 to check the server performance and take immediate actions in case of any dispute or technical faults. The personalized monitoring is established with prime consideration to ensure that the misappropriation is detected at the earliest possible instance. The support is directed to ensure 99.99% uptime so that the site owners can continuously access their website even during high traffic concentrations.

Software and Hardware Set Up: The technical establishment used by CPH is comprised of high speed Intel processors and other advanced version hardware settings to provide optimum support. For the daily backup support the R1 Soft CDP technology is implemented. In addition to these there are WordPress, Joomla support for making changes on the site. The high speed set up allows the clients to log in to their account instantly and follow their customized data dashboards to perform the actions as and when necessary.

Backup Support: The CPH authorities recommend all their clients to maintain the backup of their website to avoid data loss during hard drive crashes or server disturbances. However, they also have provisions for recovery backup restoration. The clients looking forward to avail these services need to pay one-time retrieval and administration fees of $20 to register for the service.

Benefits of CPH Services

  • Guaranteed 99.99 percent uptime to ensure continuous system operation
  • Assured technical support within 30 minutes from registering for a ticket support
  • Fast Intel processors are used for optimal performance
  • Free FTP services to enhance files editing, upload and download etc.
  • Continuous server monitoring
  • Power packed programming language implementation
  • Easy to access CMS for clients with non technical background

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Cloud Pro Hosting Overview

The substantial Cloud Pro Hosting review reveals that the enterprises can trust the services and provisions of the Cloud Pro Hosting since the company has an efficient team of proactive professionals having more than 10 years of experience in the industry. Based on the requisites of the clients’ personal and professional cloud hosting and website maintenance, the company has introduced four exciting packages that are not only affordable but of huge benefits even for extensive online commercial and business operations. The CPH has all the provisions that look impressive barring a mass storage and data library maintenance support. For enterprises with database storage and library management requirements they have not mentioned anything separately. Except this, the other services and support system looks quite reliable for the webmasters.

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